Artist Statement

“It takes many elements to create an artistic piece of glass.  My process is to bring together strong graphic design, good craftsmanship, and bold color combinations to make an object which captivates my audience.

I first decide what size and shape to work on, and then design a layout to enhance it.  This may be a square plate, an oval platter, or a wide-rimmed bowl.  The goal is that my designs have balance and clarity and are bold.  Each is developed with a plan to use a multiplicity of color schemes.  After completing a design, I practice the cutting techniques and rhythm needed for pristine craftsmanship.  Using a large palette of vibrant colors, I then create the piece many times, each with a unique color scheme.  The combinations are made to feel harmonious, vivacious, and a bit brassy.   The formality and symmetry of the pattern are balanced by the exuberance and spontaneity of the colors.

Each piece is created to be displayed or used as tableware.  The simplicity and vitality of each object invites grouping them into ensembles, with scrumptious outcomes.  Seeing my audience’s joy in the result means that my creative process has succeeded.”

- Janet Neuburg

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